Large Ensemble

Untitled (work in progress), orchestra 2022

When Stone Becomes Forest - concert band (single movement)

AMERICAN PRIZE WINNER professional band division, 2022

duration: 8 mins

The Start Spangled Banner, arr. 2020                                                             


duration: 2.5 mins

Contra Spem Spero - a violin chamber concerto

soloist, 4 violins, viola, 2 cellos & double bass (3 movements)

duration:  20 mins

Souls Like Birds - orchestra (single movement)

duration:  9 mins

Tikal - concert band (single movement)

THE AMERICAN PRIZE professional band division, Honorable Mention

duration: 10 mins

Condor: de los llanos al cielo - orchestra (4 movements)

duration: 23 mins