Small Ensemble

All In the Waiting - viola + piano (single movement)

duration: 5 mins

I Am Barabbas - string quartet + piano (single movement)

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duration: 10 mins

Into Bright Shadows - flute, cello, piano (3 movements)

duration: 16 mins

That Crazed Girl Improvising - violin, cello, piano (3 movements)

duration: 17 mins

Fiddled Whisper Music  - flute, violin (single movement) 

duration: 5 mins


Sonata for Violin and Piano (3 movements) 

duration: 15 mins

Noche De VeranoBaritone, clarinet in Bb, 2 percussionists

(pitched & non-pitched) & double bass (single movement) 
approx. duration: 9 mins

duration: 9 mins

Atitlán: Lago y Volcán - string quartet (single movement)

duration: 13 min