Film Music

Concert Music

“As a teenager, while my friends marveled at the special effects and famous actors in a film, my ear was continually drawn toward what the music was contributing to a scene. This fascination with sound and music in the storytelling process continues today, and has resulted in a growing number of collaborations with filmmakers and other composers.”

“Because my family traveled throughout the Americas, I grew up listening to many musical traditions from Guatemalan marimbas and Mexican mariachi to Colombian harp music and Argentine tangos. My grandfather, Freeman Barnett, sang Gospel and Country music on the radio for nearly thirty years in southern Illinois. My father played the guitar, my mother the piano. Being married to a French-American musician has expanded the daily presence of inter-cultural exchange.

Without question, these sounds have informed my own compositional style and personal aesthetic. I am intrigued by the places, people, and ideologies that I've encountered throughout my travels in the Americas, Western Europe, and Asia. Classical concert music, initially a European conception, has become an international canvas bearing a brilliant display of local colors from around the world. It is an artistic forum through which people have communicated for centuries, and I believe is relevant to the conversations taking place today. As a composer working within this tradition, I aim to write intelligent, nuanced art music that will hopefully be enjoyed both by those who love classical music and those who are unfamiliar with this style.”

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